In accordance with the provisions of Article 10 of Decree 1757 of 1994 the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and External Circular 047 of 2007 of the National Health, the object of the association is to ensure quality of service, protection of rights of users, and community participation thereof.

The user association is a mechanism intermediary between users and the entity providing services to them. In this sense, it takes the following actions:

  • Advise, explain and inform users about the benefit plans, services being provided by the Clinic, the requirements for use, schedules and other standards so users can access them freely.
  • Maintain channels of interpersonal communication and the most effective means to meet the concerns, demands and suggestions from users regarding the quality, timeliness, schedules, fares of the services, in order to present to the directives of the institution to be taken into account in decision-making.
  • Serve as a liaison between the administrative staff and users to generate actions aimed at improving the quality of services that meet the needs of users.
  • Maintain channels of communication with affiliates that enable their concerns and demands to make proposals to the administrative staff.
  • Address complaints from users to monitor the corrective cases are taken.
  • Propose improvement measures that offer the opportunity, technical and human quality of services of the Clinic.

Requirements to join the association of users-are eligible to join the association of users:

  • Being over 18 years.
  • Having used the service during the past year.
  • The desire to actively participate.

Duties of affiliates-The duties of the members:

  • Attend meetings, participate in its deliberations and vote responsibly.
  • Support initiatives and clinical programs which are designed to improve the quality of health services.
  • Know and comply with the statutes and regulations of the association and the laws governing the matter.
  • Worthily represent the association when appropriate.
  • Feedback on any abnormal situation to the Ethics Committee that jeopardize the proper applicability of the rights and duties of users.

Member Rights – The rights of members:

  • Elect and be elected to hold office of the Association.
  • Participate and comment on the proceedings of the association.
  • Be heard and get answers to their complaints and concerns.
  • Exercise oversight on the operation and activities of managers and agents.

Affiliation and retirement
Users of Clinical Oncology Astorga, may freely and voluntarily enroll in the association of users at any time and also may be withdrawn by written notification of the decision to the board.

Donations and goods for operation partners or Oncology Clinic Astorga voluntarily contribute.

General Assembly
The general assembly consists of all members of the Association assets shall be the highest authority and its decisions are binding as long as they have taken pursuant to the provisions of these statutes. The functions of the General Assembly the following:

  • To ensure the proper functioning of the entity.
  • Electing members of the board for two years.
  • Determine general orientation of the association.

Board of Directors
It is composed of the president, secretary, treasurer and alternate members elected by the General Assembly for a period of two (2) years. The Directive Board Functions The functions of the board:

  • Quote meetings.
  • Prepare and file the minutes of the meetings.
  • Maintain constant communication with partners, informing decisions and collecting concerns and suggestions.
  • Appoint and remove its dignitaries whose election corresponds to the General Assembly.
  • Submit to the General Assembly the necessary reports.

Ordinarily it will meet every two months and extraordinarily when its members or representatives of the association request. The meetings were attended by the members to give a progress report on the steps taken. Minutes of meetings signed by the attendees leave.