This year values increased on average by seven percent, according to the increase in the minimum wage.

Bogota (DC), January 7, 2016.- The Ministry of Health and Social Protection adjusted average seven percent of prorated fees and co-payments schemes subsidized and contributory 2016, under the legal minimum wage increase current set by Decree 2552 of 2015.

The prorated fees are a contribution in cash to be paid by all members of the contributory scheme when they attend a medical or dental appointment when they receive medication, or taking lab tests or X-rays of outpatient treatment. Meanwhile, the copayment is a percentage payment to be made by beneficiaries of the contributory scheme contributors and all affiliates of the subsidized scheme.

Prorated fees and co-payments for subsidized scheme 201616

It is important to note that patients affiliated with the subsidized regime should not pay prorated fees but only copayments, that this year 7% fit. It should be mentioned that the percentage of co-payment of services should be 10% without exceeding the amounts indicated in the following table:

Table 1 Copayments subsidized scheme

Stop % Co-payment service 2016 copayment maxium value Increase 2016/2015
Maximum value per event 10% $ 344.728 7,00%
Maximum value per year $ 689.455 7,00%


Exceptions to the subsidized regime that apply are: prenatal care, delivery care and its complications, health promotion and prevention, control programs, maternal and child health and communicable diseases, high-cost emergency care , medical and dental consultation , laboratory tests , imaging , office of drugs and regular prescriptions within a special program of comprehensive care and contained in Circular 16 of 2014 (this specific circulate the exceptions provided by special laws).

In addition children are exempt during the first year of life , the population classified at level one Sisben , special populations such as children , destitute, indigenous, forced displacement, demobilized and ROM, among others.

Prorated fees and co-payments for the 2016 tax regime

On the other hand , the tax regime for the prorated fees (Table 2) and copayments (Table 3) were as follows:

Table 2 Fees moderating contributory scheme

IBC range in SMLMV ( 1) Market share in% os SMLDV (2) Share value moderator 2015
Share value moderator 2016
Ajust 2016/2015
Less than 2 SMLMV 11,70% $ 2.500 $ 2.700 8,00%
From 2 y 5 SMLMV 46,10% $ 9.900 $ 10.600 7,07%
More than 5 SMLMV 121,50% $ 26.100 $ 27.900 6,90%


Table 3 copays contributory scheme (Only applies to beneficiaries contributor)

IBC range in SMLMV (1) Copay % of the value of the service Maxium value per event (2) Maxium value per year(3) Ajust 2016/2015
Less than2 SMLMV 11,50% $ 197.874 $ 396.437 7,00%
2 to 5 SMLMV 17,30% $ 792.873 $ 1.585.747 7,00%
More than 5 SMLMV 23,00% $ 1.585.747 $ 3.171.493 7,00%


Affiliated to the contributory scheme population will not pay copayments for the following services: promotion and prevention, control programs, maternal and child health and communicable diseases, high cost and emergency care , among others, as well as those contained in the Circular 16, 2014 ( this specific circulate the exceptions established by special laws).