Patient Rights

  • Your right to freely choose the doctor and generally to health professionals, as well as health institutions that provide care required, within available resources.
  • Your right to enjoy a full and clear communication with the doctor, appropriate to their psychological and cultural conditions that allow them to obtain all the necessary information regarding the condition being treated, as well as procedures and treatments that you go to practice and prognosis and risk that such treatment entails.
  • Your right to be treated fairly by respecting their beliefs and customs, as well as personal opinions about the disease that suffers.
  • Your right to all medical history reports are treated confidentially and secretly and only with your permission, they may be known.
  • Is to pay attention and cross reference as required, according to your needs (Decree 2759 of 1991, Resolution 5261, Articles 2 and 7) Right to monitor and control compliance in the delivery of health services by the IPS (Decree 1757 of 1994).
  • Your right to pay him throughout the process of the disease, the best available support, but respecting the patient’s wishes in the case of irreversible disease.
  • Your right to review and receive explanations about the costs for services obtained both by health professionals and by the health institutions. Like the right to emergency, the services you receive are not conditional on the advance payment of fees.
  • Your right to receive or refuse spiritual or moral whatever the religious cult that professes to support.
  • Your right to be respected willingness to participate or not in research by scientifically qualified personnel, as long as they have learned about the objectives, methods, possible benefits, foreseeable risks and discomforts that the investigative process may involve.
  • Your right to have the willingness to accept or refuse respect donation of their organs to be transplanted these to other patients.
  • The right to die with dignity and to respect for his willingness to allow the process of death to follow its natural course in the terminal phase of their illness.


Patient Responsibilities

  • Ensure your health care and your community. (Art. 49 of the Constitution).
  • Timely and promptly attend to the agreed schedule appointments; in case of absence timely information on why it will not do.
  • Provide accurate, clear and complete information about their health and inform medical personnel about the changes that occur in their health.
  • Care and make rational use of resources, facilities, staffing and services.
  • Treat with dignity the human personnel who treats and respect the privacy of other patients.
  • Respect both foreign goods as well as political and religious beliefs of other patients and staff attending. Keep in place the elements of common use.
  • Take care and keep in order the premises of the Clinic and the elements arranged in it to their attention and benefit
  • Follow treatments and instructions provided by the health personnel for their physical and psychological well-being (Take medications in doses recommended in the diet suggested schedule) and comply with preventive measures (hygiene habits, etc.) to minimize risk factors.
  • Treasury cancel when appropriate according to levies and mandatory payments to there place.
  • Signed to record medical history on the refusal to receive the treatment prescribed by the physician or health team, similarly, sign the consent procedures required for the same.